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Allegro CL 4.1
CLIM 1.1
SunOs 4.1.1

I have a presentation action that I *don't* want applicable in certain
input contexts (clim:command-arguments).  I am trying to write a
tester function to restrict the applicability of this presentation
action but am having problems with (I think) nested input contexts.

I am accepting a command line argument.  When I move the mouse over a
presentation (of type essential-node), the input context as seen by
the tester function is first clim:command-arguments and then
essential-node.  How do I write a tester that looks in the nested set
of input contexts to determine if we are really trying to accept a
command line argument.  Why do I see the presentation type of the
thing I wave the mouse over as an input context?

Here is my presentation action.

(clim:define-presentation-action node-operation-menu
    (essential-node nil graph-browser-command-table
       ((object stream)
	(clim:with-text-face (:bold stream)
	  (format stream "Node Operations for ~s" (node-pretty-name object))))
	;; When accepting command arguments, disable this.
	(not (clim:presentation-subtypep 'clim:command-arguments context-type)))
       :gesture :menu)

  (presentation frame window x y)

  (clim:call-presentation-menu presentation
			       x y
			       :for-menu t
			       :label "Node Operations"))

Note that this is derived from the example on pg. 198.  Note also that
the example uses the :tester-definitive option which (for my version
of CLIM) will not compile.  It tells me that :tester-definitive is not
a valid option.


Brian H. Anderson
Boeing Commercial Airplane
(206) 234-0881


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