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Accepting values problem.

   Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1992 16:25:42 -0800
   Posted-Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1992 16:25:42 -0800

   Vitals: CLIM 1.1, LUCID 4.0, SUN IPC

   ACCEPTING-VALUES doesn't seem to process gestures that are actions,
   ie., if while filling in a value for an ACCEPT, and an action gesture
   is performed, that action isn't executed.  This works fine if it is a
   plain ACCEPT, but if the ACCEPT is inside the ACCEPTING-VALUES,
   nothing happens.  It works for scrolling the pane which I presume is
   implemented as an action too, right?

The problem is that your action is defined in the test-comtab command
table, but when you are running inside accepting-values the active
command table is accept-values.  I have included a modified version of
your test application below.  The changes are to add a second action
translator in the accept-values comtab that checks the value of a
special variable bound by the command, and to modify the command to
bind the variable to the frame.  This is pretty kludgy, but it seems
to work.

The changes are flagged by the comment "York change"


(in-package :user)

(clim:define-application-frame test ()
  ((+current-items+ :initform '(door1 door2 door3)))
  (:panes ((upper :application :scroll-bars nil)
	   (lower :interactor :scroll-bars :both)))
  (:command-table test-comtab)

     (:column 1 (upper .5) (lower .5))))))

(clim:define-presentation-action show-option
    (clim:blank-area nil test-comtab :gesture :describe)
  (loop for door in (slot-value clim:*application-frame* '+current-items+)
	with w = (clim:get-frame-pane clim:*application-frame* 'upper)
	initially (clim:window-clear w) do
	(terpri w)
	(clim:present door 'symbol :stream w)))

;;; York change
(defvar *test-frame* nil)

(clim:define-presentation-action show-option-aux
    (clim:blank-area nil clim::accept-values :gesture :describe)
  ;; York change
  (when *test-frame*
    (loop for door in (slot-value *test-frame* '+current-items+)
	  with w = (clim:get-frame-pane *test-frame* 'upper)
	  initially (clim:window-clear w) do
	  (terpri w)
	  (clim:present door 'symbol :stream w))))

(define-test-command (com-exit :name t)
  (clim:frame-exit clim:*application-frame*))

(define-test-command (com-avs-fails-for-defaction :name t)
  (let ((lower (clim:get-frame-pane clim:*application-frame* 'lower))
	(upper (clim:get-frame-pane clim:*application-frame* 'upper)))
    (clim:window-clear upper)
    (clim:accept 'symbol :prompt "Click middle in upper to see choices")

    (clim:window-clear upper)
    (terpri lower)
    ;; York change
    (let ((*test-frame* clim:*application-frame*))
	(lower :resynchronize-every-pass t)
	(clim:accept 'symbol :prompt "Click here, then click middle in upper"
		     :stream lower)))))

(setq *frame* (clim:make-application-frame 'test :parent
		   (clim:open-root-window :clx :host "sunstruck")
						   :width 500 :height 300))
(clim:run-frame-top-level *frame*)


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