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RELEASE: toolbox for intelligent learning environments - clarifications

Yesterday I posted the announcement for the release of ETOILE just after
putting it on our ftp server. About 20 people logged into our
server since then, so should make the following precisions:

I really think that some stuff in Etoile or Memolab may be of use to some
of you, but the code is not in a state to be given away without
warnings and apologizes. 

Especially don't expect Memolab to be able to teach you about
experimentation without crashing somewhere. However, the current
version is sufficiently well implemented to see that our current design
philosophy is probably good enough. So we might produce a usable
system next year.

As I mentionned, we got display problems when agents are writing into
certain frames. To be sure that the demo works I took away incremental
display in some places. But I guess I wait for Clim 2.0 before I start
really learning how to fiddle with those problems, since some (like
the overlapping windows bug) may be fixed. Anyhow the whole system
should have a much sexier look, but then I'am almost alone on the
interface programming (and can't commit not much time to it ...). The
other day somebody mentionned CLIM courses and I really think that
there is a big need for them (especially if they deal with low-level
stuff which one needs to know when writing big applications with lots
of windows and lots of widgets. 

I also updated a bit the READ.* files, in places were things a bit too
unclear.  Since I put the system in a hurry on the server, a file or
two may be missing. Please report immediately missing files, files
that don't survive compilation or readme files that need improvement.

Anyhow, we'd be really glad to get any kind of comment on our project.
And don't forget that you may be able to contribute to something which
will be available for free, and to something which someday (once we
really know how to produce a clean interface) may show what CLIM
can do. In any case I am already very grateful to the persons who
contributed to the clim list and the clim library from which I've
taken a lot of stuff. I'll write a thank you to them paragraph
into the system next time I'll put things on the server.

                                                              - Daniel

Daniel K.Schneider, TECFA (Educational Technologies and Learning)
Faculte de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education, University of Geneva,
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