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Re: CLIM Training (SUMMARY)

A week or so ago, I asked the list for leads on CLIM training seminars.
Thanks to those who replied.  Here's what I found out:

-- Ray
Symbolics, Inc., offers comprehensive one-week lecture/lab training
courses in CLIM, as well as courses in Standard Common Lisp, CLOS,
Optimizing Lisp Applications, and Advanced A.I. Techniques Using Lisp.
Courses are offered at training centers in Concord, MA, Dorsey Center,
MD (near Washington, DC), and at customer sites.  

The next CLIM course begins Monday (11/2) at the Dorsey Center.  That's
probably too soon for you.  However, we have another course scheduled for
January 18 - 22 in Concord.  Significant pre-registration and volume
discounts are available.  

For information, course descriptions, and schedules, contact Ruth White,
Registrar, Education Services (508/287-1234).
Franz Inc. offers CLIM training courses at the customer's location, and
can also prepare customized training at their location on a consulting
basis.  Contact (Charlene Christman 510/548-3600)
One consultant offered to prepare a customized training course.


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