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pop up of a window during command parsing

    Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1992 03:42 EST
    From: Vincent Keunen <nrb!>

    I want to let the users of my app easily change the color of things on
    the display.  I had this solution in mind: create a command (say Change
    Color Of) that would take as a first argument an object on the display
    (a click of the user would select the object) and as a second argument a
    color.  But to select the color, I wanted to pop up a small window with
    all colors (at that time of command parsing) and let the user click on
    the color. 

    Has anyone done something like that yet?

    How can I pop up a window between input of arg1 and arg2 and make sure I
    can get a color from it as the second arg of the underlying frame?

Use MENU-CHOOSE-FROM-DRAWER and supply a drawer that draws little
rectangles of the appropriate color.  You can do these either in the
body of the command, or in the ACCEPT method for the presentation
type.  The former is slightly preferable in my opinion, but that's
just my opinion.

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