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Re: Fixed size application frames in X

  Date: Thu, 19 Nov 92 07:42:51 PST
  From: Curt Eggemeyer <>
  I asked this question a week ago and got no response, so I'll try one more
  time.  This is within CLIM 1.1 at present!
  Is there a way in CLIM to have your application frame come up as a fixed
  size X-window (one the user can't resize) even if the user's X environment
  permits window resizing.
  I don't want to allow the user to "tweak" my CLIM frame size attributes!

This is a question about X and not really about clim.  Find some
X documentation or hope that an Xpert is listening.  The answer is
probably yes because I have seen X windows (e.g. menus and icons) that cannot
be resized.  The trick probably has to do with X resources and it may
be tied to the window manager you happen to be using.  Once
you have the answer, you can use XLIB to implement your answer for
the frame's top-level window.

By the way, some users may be upset if you deny their "right" to
resize a window.  They may be even more upset if the size you chose
doesn't fit on their screen.  I have recently tried making
my application run on a 600x400 LCD display, which is about 1/4
of what I'm used to.

jeff morrill



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