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Re: scaling problem

   Date: Wed, 18 Nov 92 17:23:17 EST
   From: Clinton Hyde <>

   ;;In CLIM 2.0, you can do this:
   ;;  (setf (text-style-mapping <port> <text-style>) <font>)
   ;;to get any mapping you want.  You can define new text style attributes,
   ;;too, if you want.  You can also define "device fonts".
   ;;CLIM 1.1 has these facilities, but they are harder to use.

   aahhh, this is very nice. I looked, and the appearance is:

   (text-style-mapping <x-display-device> NIL <clim-text-style> <window>)

   which is OK with me. I haven't tried to SETF this, but if that

In CLIM 1.1 on MCL you can use "device fonts," which map into specific
Mac font structures (represented in MCL in the form '("Rangoon" :plain 17))
and you can also use add-text-style-mapping to define/change the
translation of any specific text style.

-- Dennis

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