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a highlighting glitch

Jeff and I are experiencing a curious glitch about highlighting
things. we haven't characterized it precisely correctly, but I thought
I'd ask for some guidance anyway.

(Allegro 4.1, CLIM 1.1, SunOS 4.1.1, Motif 1.1)

my case: format-graph-from-root: I draw a tree of stuff. I click left
on a node. the trans->command causes a black rectangle to be bitblt'd
over the node (this is the highlighting I want). looks good.

the problem: I have three levels of nodes right now. one node on level
2 is sensitive, one node on level 3. they are not on the same branch.
if I select the node on level 3, nothing goes wrong. if I select the
node on level 2, then only about the top five rows of pixels in the
node on level 3 are sensitive.

Jeff's problem is similar, except that it involves formatting-table,
and his highlighting is different.

so, what I'm wondering is: presumably something like MOUSE-MOVES is
occurring when the mouse-pointer is moved around. that calls a
call-back to clim which checks for the mouse being over presentations
that should be highlighted. how is this being done?

I've looked at the output-records for my nodes, I can't tell what
about them is different (if anything) that would cause this odd
mouse-sensitivity behavior.

please, some help? I happen to like this highlighting mechanism, and
don't want to go back to redrawing the whole tree...

 -- clint


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