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I'm using CLIM 1.1 with MCL 2.0
and CLIM 1.1 under Genera 8.1.

If I'm using a text style with :bold face inside an enviromnent of 
:italic face, the text gets formatted in (:bold :italic) face.
As all text-styles are fully specified, I assume it's a bug.
If I misunderstand the Documentation and it's a feature, 
how can I do what I want (i.e. formatting the
text :bold, but NOT :italic??

Test Case:

(defvar *clim-root* (clim:open-root-window #+symbolics :sheet #+mcl :mcl))
(defvar *my-window* (clim:open-window-stream :parent *clim-root*))

(let ((stream  *my-window*))
  (clim:window-expose stream)
       ((clim:make-text-style :sans-serif :roman :large) stream)
    (format stream "~%Here is text with sans-serif normal large")
       ((clim:make-text-style :sans-serif :italic :large) stream)
      (format stream "~%Here is text with sans-serif italic large")
           ((clim:make-text-style :sans-serif :bold :large) stream)
        (format stream "~%This text is sans-serif, bold AND ITALIC, large,

- Stefan Bernemann   (



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