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Re: Bug in filling-output?

   Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1992 06:44 EST

   I'm using CLIM 1.1 with MCL 2.0 and Genera 8.1.

   Filling-output dies if it's used inside another filling-output.
   This restrcition is undocumented, and there is no specific error:
   Under Genera, it results in a stack-overflow, under MCL the systems
   waits until I break or abort (At least it doesn't crash the Mac!:-)

The following patch should fix your problem for CLIM 1.1.  It works
for me on the Symbolics and RS/6000 Lucid:

;;; -*- Syntax: Common-Lisp; Mode: LISP; Package: CLIM; Base: 10 -*-

;; Modify text-size method for CLIM:FILLING-STREAM in sys:clim;clim;text-formatting.lisp.
;; This method is used when you call nested filling-stream.

(in-package "CLIM")

(defmethod text-size ((stream encapsulating-stream-mixin) string
		       &key (text-style (stream-merged-text-style stream))
                       (start 0) end)
  (text-size (slot-value stream 'stream) string
      :text-style text-style :start start :end end))

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