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Re: draw-icon*

  Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 10:35:20 -0600
  From: "Peter N. Saurugger" <>

  Another experience with draw-icon:

  (draw-icon* my-stream (make-pattern #2A((1 1 1 1)
					    (1 0 0 1)
					    (1 0 0 1)
					    (1 1 1 1))
					(list +background+ +foreground+))
		0 0)

  Error: The bits-per-pixel of the image #<xlib:image-z 4x4x24> does not match
	 any server pixmap format.

  Platform: Allegro4.1 runs on SPARC, display on DECstation5000 with MOTIF.

  obviously, my DECstation is not set up for 24 bit-planes - my SPARC is. The 
  code runs fine on the SPARC. Is there an option to draw-icon* that allows me 
  to specify the #of bitplanes? Is this # "hardwired at compile-time (of the 
  Common Lisp compiler)?

There is no option to draw-icon* as things are automatically handled in the
low level clx implementation to make an xlib image of the appropriate depth
for the screen on which it is being drawn. The depth (number of bitplanes)
is not hard wired in - instead xlib:screen-root-depth is called on the
screen associated with the window. In other words everything should hold

To see what is happening you should evaluate:

(xlib:screen-root-depth (clim::clx-stream-screen w))
(xlib::drawable-depth (clim::clx-stream-window w))

where w is the clim window on which you are trying to draw. I suspect that
they will be different and this is where the problem lies.

You should also do a xdpyinfo on your display as this prints out useful
information about supported pixmap formats.

If you send mail to cc then we can put this
into our customer support database and deal with the problem from there.

  I am trying to get the DECstation to understand 24-bit deep bitplanes, but I 
  would like to be able to display my app on other X-servers (with different #s 
  of bit planes) as well - would be nice if there were a way my application 
  could "sniff it out" at runtime. Any ideas?

As I say, this should all just work without the application programmer
having to worry about numbers of planes.

	  -- Peter N. Saurugger

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