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Drawing Order

      System:  Lucid 4.0, Clim 1.1, Ultrix, X11R5

      I'm drawing a graph in an application window with scroll bars, but 
it is having a problem.  The appearance of the graph depends on the order
in which the elements of the graph are drawn.  But, CLIM seems to be 
reordering the way the objects are drawn when the window get's refreshed
or scrolled.
      For example, I want the following:

      ------------ object1 -------------

      This is a:
   1.  a line segment
   2.  a filled rectangle who's ink is the background
   3.  the word object1

      The end result is that the filled rectangle blanks out part of the
line segment so that the word can be drawn with some whitespace around it.
But, when I scroll my window, this drawing order seems to change randomly. 
So, I like to know if there's any way to gurarantee the order that objects
get drawn when a window is scrolled?
      If this is too hard, I'll just compute the intersection points of the
line segment with the word.


         Erik Eilerts
         University of Texas at Austin



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