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Interrupting a process with a pointer press

   Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 13:52:49 -0500
   From: (Sigalit Yom-Tov)

   >If you want to get event processing done inside a computation loop,
   >you can insert a call to (stream-input-wait win :timeout 0) in the
   >body.  This will process any pending events but will return
   >immediately if none are available.

   I see. So having a loop that runs along without explicitly checking
   for input, it's impossible to jump somewhere immediately when sone
   input arrives (I want this because the body of the loop is potentially
   very long, so polling the input stream might occur at unacceptably
   long intervals).

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In this case you probably want to use multi-processing (if you Lisp
environment supports it).  Do the long compuation in a background
process, controlled by user interaction with the "main" loop.


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