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printing a clim stream

I'd like to print the content of what has been accumulated in a stream
(part of a pane of a frame).

When the content is only text, it's easy, I just do:

  (com-print-history :name t :menu t)
  (with-open-file (output-file "nanesse:to-print;history.text"
			:direction :output
			:if-exists :new-version)
      (frame-standard-output clim:*application-frame*) output-file))
  (cp:execute-command "hardcopy file" "nanesse:to-print;history.text"))

But when it's general clim drawing functions, I guess I must use
with-output-to-postscript-stream and somehow replay the history of my
pane (from the parent output-record, right?) in the new postscript

Does someone have a nice and easy example of this to help me out?


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