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> Date: Wed, 16 Dec 92 10:38:25 PST
> From: Bill York <>

> As a general rule, you should never do any kind of animation with
> output recording enabled.  After all, since each "frame" of animation
> is so ephemeral, there is no need to record the state of the display
> for posterity (consing up a lot of output records along the way).
> Animate by the quickest, dirtiest hack you can come up with (including
> bitblt) and then re-present everthing at the next user interaction
> point.

The idea was, that given the X/Y coordinate and angle for a fixed icon
to be drawn was part of the CLOS structure, CLIM should be able to
notice when one or more of these things change, and move the
presentation itself, using incremental redisplay and without redrawing
the universe, rather than making me do it. I agree, stuff like smoke out
of a smokestack is another story, but each of these objects were not
ephemeral; only where they were placed on the screen was. I didn't at
the time think this was such an unusual request to make of a
presentation system, but apparently it was....



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