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CLIM 2.0beta
ACL 4.2beta
Motif 1.11
Openwindows 3 X server
SunOs 4.1.1

In CLIM 2.0 (or 1.1 for that matter) there is no equivalent of the DW
formatting-table options :extend-width/:extend-height which are
intended to force formatting-table to use *all* the width/height
available in a pane.  Is there some other way to force
formatting-table to do this in CLIM or is it just plain not there?
This would be nice for laying out (for example) menu items or gadgets
in the layout language.

Where is centering-output or equivalent in the text formatting?  This
would be nice (and yes, I see the centering-line in the CLIM 2.0
browser demo).

Is there/should there be a way to query what the legal text styles are
for a port?

Any plans for a filename picker gadget for CLIM 2.0?


Brian H. Anderson                     (206) 234-0881
Boeing Commercial Airplane Co.
Seattle, Wa.


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