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Formatting table...

> There is no :extend-width/:extend-height.  The :INITIAL-SPACING argument
> for FORMATTING-ITEM-LIST will do roughly what you want.  When all else
> fails, repeat the mantra "CLIM is not Dynamic Windows" :-).

Ohm, ohm, ohm...

Well, maybe there should be :extend-width/:extend-height?
Aesthetically, at times it is nice to "spread" items out across the
available space such as when laying out menu items equally across the
available horizontal space.

>     Where is centering-output or equivalent in the text formatting?  This
>     would be nice (and yes, I see the centering-line in the CLIM 2.0
>     browser demo).
> There is no CENTERING-OUTPUT.  Although it would indeed "be nice", we
> did not consider it generally useful.  As "proof", you are the very
> first request in the two years since CLIM 1.0 has been out.

Well, maybe no one thought to ask?

>     Any plans for a filename picker gadget for CLIM 2.0?
> The Motif and OpenLook ports uses the file chooser provided by the
> respective toolkits.

Eh?  When accepting clim:pathname, inside an accepting-values I don't
get the "Motif" file chooser, I get the normal CLIM thing (a text line
to type at).  I presume that the Motif file chooser is the widget that
allows you to walk through the file system heirarchy picking


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