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    Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1992 14:25 EST
    From: bha <>

    > There is no :extend-width/:extend-height.  The :INITIAL-SPACING argument
    > for FORMATTING-ITEM-LIST will do roughly what you want.  When all else
    > fails, repeat the mantra "CLIM is not Dynamic Windows" :-).

    Ohm, ohm, ohm...

    Well, maybe there should be :extend-width/:extend-height?
    Aesthetically, at times it is nice to "spread" items out across the
    available space such as when laying out menu items equally across the
    available horizontal space.

Perhaps.  I'll add it to the list, but I don't suspect that CLIM 2.0
will have it.  (But remember that CLIM 2.0 is not the final release of
CLIM.  I hope there will be a CLIM 2.1...)

    >     Where is centering-output or equivalent in the text formatting?  This
    >     would be nice (and yes, I see the centering-line in the CLIM 2.0
    >     browser demo).
    > There is no CENTERING-OUTPUT.  Although it would indeed "be nice", we
    > did not consider it generally useful.  As "proof", you are the very
    > first request in the two years since CLIM 1.0 has been out.

    Well, maybe no one thought to ask?

Perhaps, but people have been pretty prolific in their requests for
features, and this one has only now just made it.  You could implement
such a feature and put it in the CLIM library (that's my mantra).

    >     Any plans for a filename picker gadget for CLIM 2.0?
    > The Motif and OpenLook ports uses the file chooser provided by the
    > respective toolkits.

    Eh?  When accepting clim:pathname, inside an accepting-values I don't
    get the "Motif" file chooser, I get the normal CLIM thing (a text line
    to type at).  I presume that the Motif file chooser is the widget that
    allows you to walk through the file system heirarchy picking

Ah.  Try CLIM:SELECT-FILE.  Maybe CER didn't think that it was the right
thing to make the pathname ptype do this automagically.

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