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Trouble with ACCEPTING-VALUES buttons

    Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1993 14:50 EDT
    From: Eyvind Ness <>

First, recall that ACCEPTING-VALUES has a looping structure.  Now note
that you say :DEFAULT NIL in the call to ACCEPT.  So each time around
the A-V loop, the default for the call to ACCEPT is NIL.

I imagine the default should be :DEFAULT (SYMBOL-VALUE VALUE).

	  (accepting-values (stream :own-window t :label "Special Features")
	     #'(lambda (sf-plist)
		 (let ((value (getf sf-plist :value))
		       (doc (getf sf-plist :documentation))
		       (label (getf sf-plist :label)))
		   (set value
			(accept 'boolean
				:stream stream
				:view +gadget-dialog-view+
-->				:default NIL
				:prompt label))
		   (terpri stream)
		   (with-drawing-options (stream
					  :text-style fix-bold-normal-font
					  :ink +blue+)
		     (format stream "~&(~A)~%" doc))))
	(abort ()
	  ;; (format (frame-error-output frame) "~&Nothing happens")
	  (return-from special-features nil)))


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