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stupid MCL questions?

MCL 2Op2, CLIM 1.0

(1) When I finally got around to looking for the MCL CLIM 1.0 patch for
xor/+flipping-ink+ bug, I found only the .text file explaining what the
patch was supposed to fix, but not the .fasl.  Did I miss something?  Is
the patch available?

(2) I remember the question but don't recall an answer: When will CLIM 2
for MCL be available?  before MCL 3?  I'm trying to decide when it will be
worth the effort to convert from CLIM 1. I have software that I'd like to
work on Genera, Lucid Sun *and* Lucid HP (Lucid told us we'll wait til
December), Allegro Sun (and possibly SGI), and MCL.  Genera CLIM 2.0 I have
and Allegro Sun is "in the mail."  One more and I'll bite.

chris elsaesser
ai center
mitre corporation

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