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Re: Positioning a pointer on the screen

	From @BBN.COM, Wed Sep 15 23:21:15 1993

	I am having trouble using the following code on ACL and MCL, but not in GENE=

	(clim:stream-set-pointer-position* *clim-root* 100 150)

	*clim-root* is defined as follows:

	(setf *clim-root* (clim:open-root-window
	                       #+:genera :sheet
	                       #+:allegro :clx
	                       #+:mcl :mcl))

Well, you get the same error if you use the CLX port on Genera,
like you did on Allegro.
Also, on Genera (sheet) root windows, you can directly draw something,
on CLX root windows, you cannot; the latter makes more sense to me.


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