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Positioning a pointer on the screen

I am having trouble using the following code on ACL and MCL, but not in GENERA:

(clim:stream-set-pointer-position* *clim-root* 100 150)

*clim-root* is defined as follows:

(setf *clim-root* (clim:open-root-window
                       #+:genera :sheet
                       #+:allegro :clx
                       #+:mcl :mcl))

The error message for ACL is:

Error: No methods applicable for generic function
A #xb67576> with args (#<CLIM::CLX-ROOT-WINDOW /x 0:1152 /y 0:900/ @
#x10f2a0e> #<CLIM::STANDARD-POINTER @ #x10fcd1e> 100 150) of classes
  (condition type: PROGRAM-ERROR)

The error message for MCL is:

> Error: No applicable method for args:
>         (#<CORAL-ROOT-WINDOW the root #x658CF9> #<CLIM::STANDARD-POINTER
>#x6597A1> 230 167)
> Type Command-. to abort.
See the RestartsŠ menu item for further choices.

Venues: GENERA 8.1.1 on a MacIvory 2, 
             ACL 4.1 on a SUN IPX, and 
           MCL 2.0p2 on a Mac IIFX, 

           all with CLIM 1.1.

Again, this works fine in GENERA.  Any suggestions?


John S. Doleac (       GTE Laboratories Incorporated
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FAX:  (617)890-9320                    Waltham, MA 02254 USA

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