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What *is* this thing [Mouse-Middle-Menu Weirdness]

I'm running 4.2.beta2.0 in ACL on a SPARC.

I have a frame that has a menu-bar as the result of the (:MENU-BAR T)
option to the frame definition.

When I click middle on an item in the menu-bar and hold, I get a little
MAC-like icon that looks like a picture of a screen overlayed by two sheets
of paper each with a corner folded down.

The icon stays with my mouse as I move it around and when I release the
mouse-button it lazer-lines-zaps back to menu-button.  (As nearly as I can
tell each of the two sheets of paper and then the screen-image fly back

What on earth is this thing?  What does it do?

(I can't find anything in the documentation that is of the remotest help.)

Or have I just been up too long?


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