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Re: please HELP! with accept-values-pane problem

	From @BBN.COM, Thu Sep 23 15:12:21 1993

	I have a (maybe trivial) problem with CLIM 1.1's
	(called AVV-panes someday somewhere).
	I did post the problem some days ago, but did not get any
	response. Is it too trivial, or got it lost in the net?

No, it didn't. I guess I have to apologize that no-one answered.

	As it is crucial for our project I try it once again,
	please help us with this.

	(platforms: <CLIM 1.1 MCL Macintosh> *AND* <CLIM 1.1 Lucid 4.1 SunSparc>)

Same problem on Genera 8.1 CLIM 1.1.

	The problem is that after each refresh of the av-pane 
	the pane gets scrambeled in some way, mostly such that only
	some of the information is visible. In spite of this, the
	invisible slots of the av-dialog are still mouse-sensitive
	and hilighted correctly. 

As far as I found out, accept-values panes should not use the
pane option :DISPLAY-AFTER-COMMANDS T, like you did.
Without it, your test application seems to work as expected.

Background: The body of any accept-values pane displayer
is run everytime, you enter something in an accept field,
twice, if :resynchronize-every-pass T is given.
Also, accept-values pane are a form of "mode-less" input,
that is, roughly, they are ready for input without prior activation.
Therefore, an explicit call to the display function
after command entering doesn't make much sense.

Hoping I could give some useful information,

Markus Fischer

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