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Subscripts and Superscripts

    Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 22:20 EDT
    From: Adam Carlson <>

    Is there anything that will do subscripts and superscripts, or do I
    have to roll my own with draw-text?

You have to roll your own.  Sorry about that.

    BTW: Something to think about for CLIM 3.0: A version of the lisp
    format command that is extended to take advantage of clim.  For
    instance, it would have all then normal format ~ directives, plus a
    set of ~= directives for clim, such as ~=^ superscript, ~=_ subscript,
    ~=f,t,sT Set text style to family f, face t and size s, and whatever
    else people think would make life easier.  It doesn't have to do
    everything under the sun, but it would be nice to have something that
    handles some of the more mundane, but commonly encountered cases.

FORMAT is properly falls in the province of your Lisp vendor.  I
personally detest the idea of making FORMAT even more cumbersome than
it already is.


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