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please HELP! with accept-values-pane problem

    Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 05:04 EDT
    From: rudolf mittelmann <>

    (clim:define-application-frame avp-test
       ((menu :command-menu
	      :default-text-style (clim:make-text-style :sans-serif :bold :small))
	(avp-edit-area  :accept-values
			:display-function '(clim:accept-values-pane-displayer
					    :displayer display-avp-pane)
			:display-after-commands t
			:scroll-bars :vertical
			:end-of-line-action :allow
			:end-of-page-action :scroll)
You have fallen into the trap of over-specifying things.  The problem
with over-specifying is that it is easy to get things wrong, which is
what you have done here.  :DISPLAY-AFTER-COMMANDS T is incorrect --
If you omit the :DISPLAY-AFTER-COMMANDS option altogether, this will
probably work properly.

	(design-area :application
		     :display-function 'display-design-area
		     :display-after-commands t
		     :incremental-redisplay t
		     :scroll-bars :both
		     :end-of-line-action :scroll
		     :end-of-page-action :scroll)
      (:command-table (avp-test :inherit-from (clim:accept-values-pane)))
	 (:column 1
		  (menu :compute)
		  (design-area :rest)
		  (avp-edit-area 1/2)


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