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Resizing Window

    Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1993 13:36 EDT
    From: Whitney Winston <>

    I'm using Clim 2.0 and Lucid 4.1 on a Sun running X Windows... 

    I'm having problems understanding how resizing a window takes place.
    In all the Clim demos, making the window larger by resizing it results
    in a white strip being displayed with the orginal window staying
    looking exactly the same.  Does this feature work?  

I guess it's time for my quarterly reminder that it isn't really the
contract of CLIM@BBN.COM to serve as a bug report mailing list.  So...

This is a bug report about Lucid's CLIM 2.0.  Please at least include
Lucid's CLIM software support mailing list when sending Lucid bug
reports.  Ditto for Symbolics, Franz, Harlequin, or whatever.

    In the graphics-demo that comes with CLIM,
    there is a maze which claims to resize to fit the window; however, if
    the window is resized, the maze remains the same size.  I think the 
    problem is that the function (window-inside-size) always returns the
    same size even if the window is resized?  Is this correct?

In any event, this works properly in CLIM 2.0 under Genera, and I'm
quite sure it works properly under Franz Allegro as well.  So it must be
a buglet in the Lucid back-end.  Probably the window configuration event
is not getting handled quite right.


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