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Re: How to deal with a 1-button mouse?

  Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1993 10:51 -0400
  From: Scott McKay <>
  There are no "logical" gestures in CLIM named :LEFT, :MIDDLE, or :RIGHT.
  Furthermore, I personally think it is poor style to create logical
  gestures with any of those names because the names are (conceptually)
  not portable.

Yes, dwim has this for older code that is longing
for the good old days when dynamic windows ruled.

In the last three years, it has been difficult to keep up with
the evolving concept of "good style" in Common Lisp and CLIM.
This has added considerable overhead to the cost of software
development in Common Lisp.  The purpose of dwim's existence has
always been to buffer my programs from these winds of change.
Perhaps the winds are now dying down.

  Scigraph defines logical gestures with these names, but
  does not appear to use them for anything.

Thanks for pointing this out.  

  Redefine the appropriate gestures: :SELECT, :DESCRIBE, :EDIT, :DELETE,
  and :MENU.  CLIM 2.0 has the following code in it to do this.  I picked
  the gesture assignments out of my hat; I certainly won't claim that the
  assignments are better than any other ones.

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