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Re: Moving objects and incremental redisplay

Scott McKay <> writes:

    Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1993 12:42 EDT
    From: Brian Anderson 234-0878 <>

    CLIM 2.0beta2
    ACL 4.2beta2
    [... Query about moving output records ...]

>For example, in order to move an object you simply:
> 1) compute the region of the object
> 2) move the object to its new position
> 3) replay the output records overlapping the objects old region
> 4) replay the output records overlapping the new region

A heads-up:

There seems to a problem in the CLIM if you move presentations around (this
certainly true in ACL-CLIM, don't know about the others).  Specifically the
standard, default output-history gets confused (this is particularly a
problem when presentations overlap and/or are at the same vertical

It seems to help replace the output history in your window with something
like the following:



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