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Re: Moving objects and incremental redisplay

Scott McKay <> writes:
    >I wrote:
    A heads-up:

    There seems to a problem in the CLIM if you move presentations around (this
    certainly true in ACL-CLIM, don't know about the others).  Specifically the
    standard, default output-history gets confused (this is particularly a
    problem when presentations overlap and/or are at the same vertical

    It seems to help replace the output history in your window with something
    like the following:

>Yeah, the coordinate sorted set output history is pretty un-robust.  I
>wonder if it should no longer be the default.  But I didn't really trust
>my implementation of R-trees (it's *very* hairy), and did not dare to
>make it the default.

This is good to know.

I just suggested R-TREES because someone else had suggested them to me when
I ran into the above bug with coordinate-sorted-sets.

Can you know suggest some type of output history that would be more robust?
(In my particular case, it needn't be anything especially fancy as I can
all but guarantee that none of the presentations overlap).


(BTW, I may be having a similar problem with the R-TREES-OUTPUT-HISTORY.
Occassionally when I remove large numbers of presentations one at a time it
seems to run off the end and get a something like a "POP-POINTER = 0"
error.  I've not reported this because I can't reliably reproduce it and as
a consequence I haven't convinced myself it's not a bug in my code.)

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