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Re: [ Drawing DAG's]

>    Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1993 07:39 EDT
>    From: "Michael Fritzen" <>
>    We want to develop a user interface for our terminological knowledge
>    representation system (KRIS) in LISP. One of the main features of this
>    system is to compute a hierarchy of concepts, the so-called concept
>    hierarchy.
>    When trying to display this hierarchy (which is a directed acyclic
>    graph) using the GARNET program several problems occurred:
>    The layout function seems to produce good output only for trees but
>    not for dags. Especially links cross both nodes and other links.
>    Furthermore, some of the nodes on one and the same level in the dag
>    have been displayed on extremely different x-positions on the
>    screen.
>    Is there any possibility to draw dags such that these problems do
>    not occur with other Common Lisp/X Interfaces?
>CLIM 2.0 supports DAGs as well as trees, but the layout engine produces
>output that (in my opinion) is only acceptable.  It is far from state of
>the art on the aesthetics axis.
>    Especially, we are interested in building up the dag
>    incrementally, i.e., displaying one (or more stages) of the dag
>    initially, and displaying further portions of the graph by
>    mouse-clicks on displayed nodes.
>Using CLIM's incremental redisplay facility in conjunction with its
>grapher allows exactly such interactions.  The "graphical browser" demo
>included in CLIM 2.0 does exactly this.

I extended Scott's generic browser to implement a browser for 
Loom (version 2.0) concepts, relations and value restrictions etc. Interested?



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