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Temporary Popup Application Panes in CLIM 2

In CLIM 1.1, it was possible to add popup windows that were, in 
effect, temporary application panes that could be displayed for as long 
needed, by doing the following:
(setq window (open-window-stream :PARENT <some.application.pane>...)
(setf (stream-input-buffer window) 
      (stream-input-buffer <some.application.pane>)
A window created in this way could be made to respond to commands 
defined for the underlying application, and its presentations
could be used as input to permanent application panes and vice

In CLIM 2, Open-Window-Stream no longer accepts the :PARENT 
argument, and I haven't been able to duplicate the "temporary 
application pane" behavior using the With-Menu macro. I have 
   (setq window
	(with-menu (temp.window some.application.pane ...)
You can at least display these windows outside the scope of the 
With-Menu forms using (setf (window-visibility window) T)
without the application panes graying out when they are exposed 
(that's what happens using Open-Window-Stream), but the With-Menu
windows get buried as soon as you click on a real application
pane. Can the "temporary application pane" effect be achieved in
CLIM 2, or is this just one of the prices we must pay for the
greater portability of CLIM 2? 


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