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Having watched the small discussion on "temporary" application panes
brought to mind something that I have wanted to implement for some
time.  What I want is the ability to execute a body of code in an
environment such that output to a stream is placed in a "popup" dialog
box.  This dialog box would have a "Dismiss" button and a pane to view
the output in.  This might be presented to the programmer in a way
similar to CLIM:ACCEPTING-VALUES (and maybe implemented in a similar
matter).  For example:

  (with-output-to-popup (stream)
    (format stream "Hello world"))

This would popup an application frame, size it according to the
output on stream, place it over the calling frame, "attach" it to the
calling frame (like CLIM:ACCEPTING-VALUES) so that if one brings the
calling frame to the foreground, the popup appears on top, and waits
for the user to hit the "Dismiss" button.  Gee, maybe I should just
use CLIM:ACCEPTING-VALUES or specialize my application frame off of
CLIM:ACCEPTING-VALUES does to call it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Brian H. Anderson                     (206) 234-0881
Boeing Commercial Airplane Co.
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