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	I'm trying to smash together a bunch of independent frames into one
	mondo frame. In the course of this exercise, i get them together, but
	notice a 'problem'. Some of the pane definitions seem to have
	multiple values for things like :default-text-style (some are actual
	text styles, some arent), :incremental-redisplay,
	:redisplay-function, etc

> Since it's a CL property list, the first value in the plist is the one
> that is supposed to be used.  If this is actually causing a problem, I
> would guess that the CL implementation is handling plists wrong.

 the only real problem is the extra consing, and reading the default
 one, which is a #<mumble> thing..

> BTW, :REDISPLAY-AFTER-COMMANDS is not an option recognized by CLIM.  I
> imagine you mean :DISPLAY-AFTER-COMMANDS.


thanks again,

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