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Re: Availability of CLIM 2.0?

    Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 19:28 EDT
    From: Daniel D Suthers <>

    Something must be coming out because Lucid keeps telling me they don't
    have time to answer my questions because they're so busy on their new

    I emphasize ... I too am having trouble justifying to my boss why we
    should keep paying for a license for an essentially unsupported product!

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     (412) 624-9149 fax    | Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Us too. We're starting to port to unix and the mac from Symbolics, and I can't
keep up two lines of development. Where is MCL Clim (it was last supposed to
be SOMETIME in Sept.) and where is Lucid, and has Franz gotten beyond the Beta


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