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1.1 dissappearing text ...

    Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 13:12 EDT
    From: Richard Billington <>

    We're working in CLIM 1.1 Genera, Allegro (so that's pretty complete
    coverage given y'all are having the problem in Lucid and MCL).

    We've got the same problem, more or less. I've never reported it because I
    can't isolate it very well. It appears in a context where we are using both
    filling-output and indenting-output (though I've no idea whether either or the
    combination of both of these has anything to do with the behavior). We have a
    text formatting language (a mini-TeX, if you will) and if a text specifies any
    of a number of environment changes, we insert a new line. This is where the
    bug shows up. Text which is consed together from this formatting language's
    directives, where we explicitly build a new display string with returns
    embedded in it because of these directives, have the same "disappearing text"
    properties reported - except that the last line always shows up. However (our
    work around) if the data has a return embedded in it (from when it was written
    in zmacs, for example), the disappearing text problem goes away.

    Data A: ("This is a string"
	     "with a new-line specified by our formatting language" 
	     "all but the last line"
	     "will disappear under the conditions Daniel discussed.")

    Data B: ("This string has new-lines embedded in it by zmacs
    (where it was written). The line breaks are ``honored'' and
    none of the text disappears")

Can somebody send me some kind of a test case?  Even if it's not 100%
reliably losing?  I myself have never seen this behavior.


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