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Re: clim2 pulldown menu items

   Cc: clim@BBN.COM
   Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 20:09:01 -0700
   From: Chris Richardson <>

   > got a tiny prob I need some suggestions on...
   > Motif 1.2, SunOS 4.1.3, Allegro 4.2beta2 clim2beta, sparc 10

   A command is "active", ie. not grayed out, if it has not been explicitly
   disabled with (setf command-enabled), and if it is accessible
   (command-accessible-in-command-table-p) in the command-table of the frame -
   defined in that table or in a table that it inherits from.

   In principle you could specialize command-enabled for your frame classes.
   Alternatively, you could make the frame's command table inherit from the
   tables containing the commands.


yeah, that worked.

(define-command-table xxx :inherit-from (other-cmd-table))

does the job.

thanks a bunch!

 -- clint


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