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Re: ALC clim demo on Openwin

>  Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 10:54:20 -0700
>  From: Rick Duffy <>
>  Hello.  I've recently gotten Allegro Common Lisp and Clim (2.0)
>  running and I think working on a Sparc 10.  There are a bunch of
>  demos which came with this Clim, and when I run them, much of the
>  text and buttons is black on a white background.  Many of the buttons 
>  and fields do not draw themselves completely: it looks like some
>  parts of the objects are drawing themselves in the background color, 
>  and so disappearing.
>  I'm not really "up" on a lot of X/openwin info.  Has anybody run into this
>  kind of thing before?  (I get the feeling this is not a hard problem, but
>  my personal search space required to find the answer seems very big.)
>You can change the default background and foreground colors for CLIM by
>specifying the appropriate resources in your .Xdefaults file. eg.
>        clim*foreground:        black
>        clim*background:        gray70
>You may have to do the following for this to take effect (depending exactly
>on your X setup)
>        xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults
>Hope this helps

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It helps a lot!  Thanks!  Btw - where should I have been reading to find
this on my own?

Rick Duffy

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