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Re: ALC clim demo on Openwin

  Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 10:54:20 -0700
  From: Rick Duffy <>

  Hello.  I've recently gotten Allegro Common Lisp and Clim (2.0)
  running and I think working on a Sparc 10.  There are a bunch of
  demos which came with this Clim, and when I run them, much of the
  text and buttons is black on a white background.  Many of the buttons 
  and fields do not draw themselves completely: it looks like some
  parts of the objects are drawing themselves in the background color, 
  and so disappearing.

  I'm not really "up" on a lot of X/openwin info.  Has anybody run into this
  kind of thing before?  (I get the feeling this is not a hard problem, but
  my personal search space required to find the answer seems very big.)

You can change the default background and foreground colors for CLIM by
specifying the appropriate resources in your .Xdefaults file. eg.

	clim*foreground:	black
	clim*background:	gray70

You may have to do the following for this to take effect (depending exactly
on your X setup)

	xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults

Hope this helps

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