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use of AND and Or in presentation specs

CLIM 1.1, Lucid 4.0.

Could someone enlighten me concerning the use of AND and OR presentation
specifiers? That is, where are they supposed to be used?

We would like to be able to use them in commands ...

  (define-test-window-command (BEEP-ON-A-OR-B-PRESENTATIONS)
      ((presentation '(or a b) :gesture :select))
    (format *standard-output* "~%You found an A or B."))

... and/or as presentation specifiers ...

      (:stream stream :object 'bbb :type '(and a b))

... but we get ...

  >>Error: No applicable method exists for the generic-function
  CLIM::PRESENTATION-TYPEP-METHOD when called with these arguments: 
  (#<{Instance?} #X11B13036> NIL B A)

or variations thereof. What is "{Instance?}"? 
[We've tried '(or a b) and (or 'a 'b). Test file available on request.]
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