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updating output of command tables

Genera 8.1.1, CLIM 1.0 (sorry for that!)

I defined a "standard" application frame the following way:

(define-application-frame name
  ((menu :command-menu
         :default-text-style ...)

When I start the application there is !!!one!!! command in the default
command table 'name. When I change the current command-table of this
application-frame via 
(setf (frame-command-table ...) 'new-command-table) 
there is only !!!one!!! command displayed in the pane
'menu though the command-table 'new-command-table contains 5 commands.

When I increase the intial number of commands for that application the
same number of commands are displayed when I switch to the new command
table !!

Any help?


- Bernd Bachmann

Bernd Bachmann, DFKI, Postfach 2080, D-67608 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Tel: +49 631 205-3482; Fax: +49 631 205-3210; email:


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