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Re: using multiple frames on multiple screens

> I had been having major, serious trouble with this. Jeff Morrill, who
> *caused* the problem :) also found the solution.
> he was using :calling-frame *application-frame* in
> make-application-frame, and that is a no-no. I don't know what all
> :calling-frame actually does, but it gave us Xlib font errors, because
> the calling frame was on one screen and the frame being created was
> going onto another screen on another host.

:calling-frame *application-frame* addresses the problem of popping up a
non-modal window from within a modal window, ie. accepting-values window,
If you dont specify a :calling-frame then the newly popped window does not
get events.

> so, AVOID :calling-frame, eh?

In the single screen case you need to specify :calling-frame for the event
handling to work. In the multi-screen case CLIM should really ignore it.
I will fix this.

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