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Resource management in CLIM

Franz Allegro 4.2/CLIM 2.0 Beta2.0

We are having serious problems using a CLIM application on a PC
X-server. It consistently dies after an hour or so of continuous use.
At first we assumed the problem was with the X server, and have been
working intensively with the vendor. However, we have been unable to
replicate the problem with other (non-CLIM) applications. So, we tried
it with one of the CLIM demos, the bitmap editor. We can make the X
server crash just by repeatedly bring up CLIM dialogs. Apparently
(this is just a wild guess) the other applications are re-using the
dialog resources and CLIM is creating new structure every time, and
the X server eventually chokes. Is this true? Is there any way to
control this? If not, it's hard to see how CLIM can be used as a
production tool.
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