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tracking pointer across frames

Hi CLIMers,

Platform: MCL 2.0, CLIM 1.1

I'm trying to add a kind of cut 'n paste functionality to a CLIM text editor. 
For this I use clim:tracking-pointer with :multiple-windows t. Clicks in the
text editor window sets the point or mark, clicks on presentations in other
windows enter the printed representation of the presentation objects in the
text editor. E.g. when inputing lisp code, I can present a list of relevant
lisp symbols in some other window and the user can click on the symbols instead
of typing them in. However, I would like this to work for windows in other
(deactivated) frames, too. So if the user knows that a relevant object is
presented in some other frame (other than the text editor frame, e.g. the 
one that popped up the text editor) s/he can switch frame by clicking on the
window title and click on the relevant presentation. But tracking pointer 
doesn't handle switching of frames, only several windows in the same frame.
Any suggestions for how this can be done?



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