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Pulldown Menu Questions

    Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 11:18 EST
    From:     Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

    [Allegro, CLim-2-beta-beta-beta, Sparc]

    I've been working with the motifish pull-down/cascading menus.  They look
    swell, are *fast* and pretty much do what I want.  However a couple of

    1] If I use them in a default (:MENU-BAR T) context, all is well.  However
    if I try to get them up any other way, I get the regular old clim-ish
    menus; for example by using a (:panes (COMMAND-PANE :command-menu ...)
    form, or by laying them out myself.

    Can I get the desired behavior any other way?

Sorry not to have answered this mail, but it looks like you alredy
discovered that (CLIM:MAKE-PANE 'CLIM:MENU-BAR  ...) is what you want.

    2] A common use for the cascading-menus is to put data at the "end of the
    tree".  That is, at the outmost leafs of a cascade-tree I would like to
    have something other than regular commands; in the example below the
    individual dogs are a dynamic set.

      ======= --------------- =================
	      |  HUMANS   > |
	      | MACHINES  > |
	      |   PETS    >-------------
	      -------------|  FISH   > |
			   |  CATS   > |
			   |  DOGS   >-------------------
			   -----------|     BUSTER      |
				      |      RUFF       |
				      |      SPOT       |
				      | YU-SHIANG PUPPY |

    I can certainly do this as the obvious, straight-forward kludge (i.e. a
    command per "data-item").  However, it would be nice if, at the appropriate
    level in the cascade, I could whip up my own menu with my own data-items in
    it, ideally something I can cons up on the fly without needing to use

    Likewise I can pop-up a regular menu at this point, but it won't behave in
    the cascading-mode.

    Do I have any control over this?

I'm actually not sure that there is a portable way to do this.  I know
how to do it using Genera's homegrown menus, but it's a kludge.

    Thanks much

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