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New CLIM 2.0 User's Guide and Dictionary

Symbolics is about to print a new book, the "Common Lisp Interface
Manager: Release 2.0".  This is similar to the old CLIM 1.0/1.1 book,
but it has been completely revised and updated, and a lot of new
material (including many new examples) has been added.  (But note that
this not "the CLIM book" that has been discussed before on this list.)

We would like to get some feedback on how much interest there is for
this book.  Although the new book has some material in it that is
directed only at Symbolics CLIM users, most of the material is relevant
to all current CLIM implementations.  That is, this book will be nearly
as useful to programmers using CLIM under Franz Allegro, Harlequin
LispWorks, Lucid Common Lisp, or Macintosh Common Lisp, as it is to
Genera programmers.  So if even you are using CLIM on platforms besides
Genera, you may want to consider getting a copy of this book.  (Yeah,
yeah, so it sounds like a sales job... :-)

For what it's worth, I was the principal author of the new book, and
can vouch for the accuracy of the material.  That means you can blame
me for error omissions as well.  Please be aware that this book is
intended to be a manual for people doing "ordinary" CLIM programming,
not extending CLIM in highly sophisticated ways.  As such, it does not
document many of the lower-level CLIM protocols.  The CLIM II
Specification is still the best reference for this.

The new book is about 625 pages long (the CLIM 1.1 book was about 450
pages), will be in a soft-cover perfect-bound format, and will cost
between $50 and $60.  The overall structure of the book is:

 - Preface
 - CLIM Tutorial
 - CLIM User's Guide
   - Using Symbolics CLIM (one of the few sections in the book that
     contains any platform-dependent information)
   - Graphics
   - Drawing Environment
   - Drawing with Color and Designs
   - Presentation Types
   - Application Frames
   - Using Gadgets in CLIM
   - Commands
   - Menus and Dialogs
   - Output Recording
   - Formatted Output (tables, graphs, etc.)
   - Incremental Redisplay
   - Streams
   - Windowing Substrate (aka, Silica)
   - The CLIM-SYS Package
 - CLIM Dictionary (a detailed description of all CLIM functions, in
   alphabetical order)
 - Glossary of CLIM Terminology

If you are interested in this book, please send mail just to me and
tell me how many copies of it you might want.  Please don't reply
unless you are serious about purchasing one or more copies, because
your information may affect the number of books we print in the
initial run.


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