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Re: New CLIM 2.0 User's Guide and Dictionary

    Symbolics is about to print a new book, the "Common Lisp Interface
    Manager: Release 2.0".  This is similar to the old CLIM 1.0/1.1 book,
    but it has been completely revised and updated, and a lot of new
    material (including many new examples) has been added.  (But note that
    this not "the CLIM book" that has been discussed before on this list.)

What about Symbolics customers with SW maintanance contract? Is the book
part of Symbolics SW documentation or completely unrelated (i.e., must be
separately ordered?)

Seconding Kenneth Forbus' argument, will there be an online version for
the symbolics document examiner?

;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (

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