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Exiting popup accepting-values without Return.

Clim 1.1, accepting-values own-window dialogues ...

My users (real users, not hackers) find it *very* unintuitive to 
 1. have to click on a field before they can edit it
 2. have to hit Return after #1 before being able to select the exit box 
#1 is solved by :initially-select-query-identifer, but they still have
to hit Return before the exit box is mouse-selectable.

Has anyone found an easy way to make the exit boxes active
(mouse-selectable) *during* input to an accept (e.g., accept 'string),
so users can simply type in their response and click OK without having
to remember Return? 

 Dan Suthers           | LRDC, room 505A     | 3939 O'Hara Street
 (412) 624-7036 office | University of Pittsburgh
 (412) 624-9149 fax    | Pittsburgh, PA 15260


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