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Getting :initially-select-query-identifer to show default in "modify" mode.

Clim 1.1.

Is there an easy/official way to get :initially-select-query-identifer
to show the :default argument in Modify mode? :insert-default seems not
to work.

How about getting :gesture :select on the field to always go into
Modify, without having to right-click to get a menu and select "Modify"? 

this is my context ...
(defun GET-STRING-DIALOGUE (&key (associated-window (shared-clim-root-window))
                                 (label "Get String Dialogue")
                                 (message nil)
                                 (prompt "Your response")
                                 (default "")
  (let ((string-response ""))
       :own-window (list :right-margin (list estimated-response-length
                         #+:LUCID :bottom-margin
                         #+:LUCID 10)
       :label label
       :initially-select-query-identifier 'active-item
       :exit-boxes *standard-exit-boxes*
       :x-position *popup-position-x*
       :y-position *popup-position-y*)
        #+:LUCID (format associated-window "~%") ; enough space on top
        #-:LUCID (terpri associated-window)
      (when message 
        (princ message associated-window) 
        (terpri associated-window))
      (setq string-response
            (clim:accept 'clim:string 
                         :stream associated-window
                         :prompt prompt
                         :default default
			 :insert-default t
			 :query-identifier 'active-item)))
        ;; To make the window close
    #+:LUCID (force-output *bogus-window*)

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