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Re: Right-click on gadgets

>    Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 10:54 EST
>    From: Rick Duffy <>
>    >> 
>    >> What is the simplest CLIM mechanism I can use to allow a
>    >> right-click on a gadget in an accept-values pane to trigger
>    >> some other command (such as help)?
>    >> 
>    >
>    >CLIM 2.0 does not provide a mechanism to modify the behavior of gadgets
>    >implemented by toolkits such as Motif.
>    >I am curious to know what sort of functionality (other than help) you want
>    >to implement.
>    >I wonder how style guide conformance fits in with this.
>    >For example, Motif already defines a way of getting help

>I think we all agree that what you want is reasonable, and would be
>nice.  But as Chris says, CLIM 2.0 just doesn't provide any such
>mechanism.  I can imagine that for many toolkits, it will not be easy
>(and may even be impossible) to do so.
>One thig you might try is writing an :AROUND method of the HANDLE-EVENT
>method for the gadget class you want to specialize:
> (defmethod clim:handle-event :around
>            ((gadget <gadget class>) (event clim:pointer-button-press-event))
>   (if (eql (clim:pointer-event-button event) clim:+pointer-right-button+)
>       <your stuff here>
>       (call-next-method)))
>I cannot guarantee that this will work for every gadget or on every
>platform.  Indeed it may not work at all, but it is worth a try.

Thanks for the help everybody.  Scott, I couldn't get the above to work,
but for the time I'll just implement the behaviour I want in a more
traditional way.

Thanks again!

... Rick

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